The Powell Media Concepts Team

Ben Powell director headshot

Ben Powell

Ben Powell is the co-owner, in-house director, and head of video services for Washington DC video production agency, Powell Media Concepts. Ben hails from a musical background with a degree in Music from James Madison Univeristy. As such, he brings the artistic qualities, musical pacing, and meaningful engagement from that discipline and applies it to all the work he performs at Powell Media Concepts as the Director and head of video services.

Taylor Powell

Taylor Powell co-owns Powell Media Concepts with Ben Powell and heads the photography division within the company. Taylor’s mastery of visual composition and lighting is evident in all of her work. Her role as executive producer sees Taylor managing high level aspects of most of the projects undertaken by Powell Media Concepts.

harry lee with video camera in Somaliland

Harry Lee

Harry Lee serves as Producer and Camera Operator for Powell Media Concepts. Harry brings a steady hand and a keen eye to the video projects undertaken within the company, and takes on a producer role in the office and in the field to manage all the complicated logistics that go along with any shoot.